Monday, 27 August 2012


December 2011.

I had so much fun drawing the beetles for Postcard No. 3 of the summer project that I decided to do some more for my brother's birthday (as it is subject matter I thought he'd appreciate)! When it was completed I managed to salvage a frame for it to sit nicely snug in. It is easy to under-estimate the importance of a frame!


here are some more California road-trip pics I hadn't got round to posting up for a while :/ ...

Highway 1, summer 2011.

North coast, summer 2011.


  1. Our excellent work that your! And what a wonderful place! I fell in love for their work and the place!

  2. thank you for the nice comment :)

  3. I wouldn't want to find one of those critters between the bed sheets!

  4. I love that picture of the beetles, and the picture of the picture is great too! Lovely warm colours from the surrounding books and woodwork. I can almost smell those books through the screen!

    Splendid bridge shot too. Makes me wonder if I was good at leaping, whether I would risk a trip though. But I am not good at leaping. At least, not that good!

  5. Well with your record, you should have a fairly good sense of smell for such things! ;)
    Wouldn't recommend the the leaping - looks slightly smaller in scale than it actually was!
    THanks for the comments everyone! :)

  6. I couldn't by any chance commission a few bugs 'n' friends illustrations to use as decals for some of my ceramics ??

    1. ooo okay :) you want them like the ones above? if so I have a scan of them that I can send you at some stage