Saturday, 16 June 2012

Postcard No. 4

Postcard no. 4, summer 2011
When I went to California to visit my sister, I brought along another travel journal to fill up over there. This book had the same binding as the scrapbook I took to Greece (postcard no. 2) but chose to try it out in landscape instead. Whilst over there I got into the habit of collecting papers, packaging and imagery whenever possible in order to collage with them. It was really great discovering the potential of all these different scraps of paper that normally would have been thrown away without a second thought!

See more of the scrapbook here


  1. Very nice indeed, Zanna! Perhaps you can bring the finished product with you next week so I can see it! I wonder what you will be getting up to this visit ;)

  2. I suppose you might see it when you're over for christmas :)