Saturday, 16 June 2012

Postcard No. 5

Postcard No. 5, summer 2011
After watching Powow Highway with my sister one night, it got me thinking about Native American culture and identity, and how the two have adapted to exist now in the modern world. Sadly, my history tutor at A-level didn't teach us about the migration of Europeans to the Americas and the many centuries of conflict and adjustment that ensued as a result... instead we focused on the Dutch Republic (although that was interesting too). When I was reading up about this aspect of American history I came across some really stunning old American Indian photographs, and felt compelled to draw them!

The mono-prints are presented in a single signature bound book, which can slot into a paper sleeve.
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Summer Project


  1. whoar! that's absolutely cracking! freaking love the tonal work here.

    1. aw thanks :) I like it in the photo...don't think I'll be shading the background like that again though...ah well live and learn ey!