Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lamplighter Project

Part 1 (1st of 5 mono-prints), Oct 2011.
For the first 2nd year project, we had to illustrate a particular job - in this instance, a lamplighter's - that is almost non-existent today. The images above are two of a series of 5 mono-prints done for part 1 of the project. Here I focused mainly on conveying the atmosphere surrounding the time of day lamplighters would be attending to their job. 

Below are two cut-out illustrations I made for part 2 of the project. Here I followed the theme of light by trying to make something that could manipulate it. These two pieces are intended to be hung near a strong light source like on a window. My overall intention was to apply the theme for practical/decorative purposes.

See the rest of the work here. 
Part 2 cut out hangings, Oct 2011.

And now for a change - but not altogether different - note...
San Francisco at night, photo taken summer 2011.

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