Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Seagulls of St Ives

'The Seagulls of St Ives' hand-bound book, Nov 2011.
For the second project of the 2nd year, we had to illustrate a news item of our choice. Here I illustrated a short article about two seagulls who were being unusually protective over a flock of birds at the beach. Funnily enough, the cover of the book I made is my favorite and (I think) most successful part of the whole thing... probably because simplicity is sometimes far more effective! 

To see the rest click here.
Front and back cover of hand-made book, Nov 2011.

3rd of three double page spreads inside book, Nov 2011.

Endpapers of book, Nov 2011.
Now THIS one is particularly good if you have trouble getting to sleep.


if you are sick of seeing birds now (or drawing them in my case), how about some pleasant seascapes devoid of the blighters?
Light house on north coast California, summer 2011.

Hazy sunset California, summer 2011.

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